Allyson Marie West
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Michaela Parker as Allyson Marie West
Vital statistics
Position Owner of West Jewelry Chambers
Age 39
Status Allyson Marie West is the oldest sister of MacKenzie Diane West and Reagan Leigh West. She is currently dating Jesse Elijah Ford.
Physical attributes
Height 5 feet & 6 inches
Weight 99 ibs.
Allyson is the manager at West Jewelry Chambers. She is related to Mackenzie West and Reagan West. She is cuurently dating Jesse Ford

Relationship with Jesse:Edit

In Everything You Are (1), Jesse walked in to apply for a job at West Jewelry Chambers, Allyson fell in love with Jesse, They went to a room to fill out papers, but actually shared a kiss. Ever since, they have been together.

Allyson West's Family:Edit

Her family by blood is The West Family

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